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How To Sew Lingerie Elastic

Jul. 19, 2021

When the picot edging a part of elastic it is often associated with underwear and lingerie. It is natural to hope that French underwear has a decorative and perfect feminine touch!

How to sew the lingerie elastic-tips

Before you start sewing lingerie elastic, here are some suggestions to consider.

Sides-Picot elastic has two sides. To know which one is which. The "plush" side is the wrong side, it does so, so it will feel soft to the skin. The right side of the elastic is like a normal rubber band and feels rough on the skin.

Elasticity-Check the elasticity of picot elastic. If it is too hard, it will not stretch and fit the body properly. If it is too soft or too thin, it will overstretch instead of holding the body and falling down.

Cutting length-matching the amount of elastic stretch and the amount required by the part of the body. Don't just stretch the fabric only the elastic during this time. The elastic you use should always be smaller than the width of the edge is applied.

Divide-Apply elastic accurately and evenly, always quarter elastic, and mark four quarter-points.

Lingerie Elastic

Lingerie Elastic

How to sew lingerie elastic with ordinary machines

Before sewing the elastic, assemble your article so that there is only one side seam open on one side. When the clothes can be opened, it is easiest to sew elastic. After the elastic is inserted, stitch the other side closed. For example, if you are making panties, sew one side together and leave the other side open. Or leave the seams on both sides open.

Step 1-Set up the machine

Quarter space you will fit the elastic into. Match the quarters marked on the elastic and clothes. Pull or relax the elastic between these points.

Step 2-Zigzag

Place the elastic on the right side of the fabric with the decorative edge facing the inwards. Set the machine to zigzag or three-step zigzag.

Start with your zigzag sutures and gently pull up the elastic as your stitch onto it. Make sure your stitches are running as close to the decorative edge as possible. It must be very close, but not beyond the edge.

Step 3-Trim

Turn your fabric over to the wrong side. Trim back any excess fabric to stick out of the stitches.

Step 4-Turn around and stitch

Flip the elastic down, and sew the elastic with zigzag stitches. Elastic will now display the picot edge lying on the wrong side as a decorative edge. Remember to pull the elastic when stitching to maintain elasticity.

How to sew lingerie elastic shortcut method

Prepare this quick method with a sewing machine.

Sew elastic to the right side of the fabric with the picot edge facing outward as you sew. (The previous methods had it facing inwards. In this case, the edge of the elastic picot is outward because you won't turn it over. It will remain on the right side of the fabric.)

Using the zigzag shape again, stitch the elastic onto the fabric.

Trim off the excess fabric on the back of the clothes, and expose the elastic to the front of the clothes.

The elastic did not turn over and sew again.

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