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Custom Printed Elastic Bands

 We often say that the elephant root is also known as the elastic band, generally divided into spindle weave and woven two.

Machine weaving (woven) that is, warp and weft interlacing. After twisting the yarn by the elastic band whole warp made into a tube (plate head), weft yarn weaving tape shaken into the twist, weaving tape on the loom. Because the width of the tape is small, the weaving method is different, ranging from single, double, dozens of strips, single layer, and double layer.

Weaving (spindle weaving) that is, yarn through the winding tube, weft roll to form the head light with weft tube, inserted in the weaving machine on the fixed tooth seat, weft tube along the 8-shaped track rotary movement, in order to traction yarn interspersed Weaving. Generally the number of spindles is even, the woven tape is tubular, the number of spindles is odd, the woven tape is flat sheet.

Main raw materials: cotton yarn, viscose yarn and rubber yarn. 

Why are there so many people who love webbing products? 

A lot of women with gold webbing planning nylon elastic band a beautiful garment, I heard that this garment will be in the Lantern Festival as a dance costume to use, and the gold webbing is used as a decorative goods to use, with a very unique sense of visual effect, so for us, through such a planning words, you can also let you really feel it can bring you a unique experience.

The big red dress, plus the golden ribbon planning, can really show it a jacquard ribbon a perfect quality of the role, if the dance, you can also dance, so to speak, such a show is very good, and can also add a visual sense of the dancers.

In other aspects, the use of webbing is also very good, and it is precisely such a multi-functional use, so that the webbing brings the day appears to be more empowered style and comfortable.

The day is full of color, but also more romantic. If a beautiful garment is not decorated with webbing, it will give us a sense of lack of vacancy. And although the ribbon is a straight ribbon, but not the same fabric, not the same pattern planning out of the ribbon, but also can make a general clothing looks more visual sense.

The spring fresh clothing in the ribbon decoration, looks so strong feminine. A spring dress looks more delicate, but it is in the integration of some enchanting romantic decorations under the planning, but also let us really feel it can bring us the unique experience, especially the feeling of wearing the body is also very good.

Of course, in some of the clothing with a large brand planning, add the planning of the webbing, the more attractive experience. And this is also a lot of clothing planners are very fond of the point. Trust so decorative planning, the uniqueness of the experience brought to your day. 

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Judgment and identification of color fastness of elastic rope 

If the color fastness of the elastic rope is not up to par, not slip-resistant belt frame. Then clothes / other goods will lose color, the lower the color fastness, the more serious color loss, so the color fastness is one of the textile industry's primary identification specifications.

When judging the quality of hanging tape, color fastness is the most drop tape the primary goal of good and bad quality of hanging tape, the primary importance is the color fastness rubber band conflict resistance, sweat resistance, wash resistance, light resistance, wash resistance. The first according to the use of the product to decide to check those items, according to the request to carry out special. If the lanyard used for clothing accessories is decolored in the washing, it will contaminate the whole piece of clothes, or perhaps the clothes washed at the same time. Decolored lanyard will give people a very serious sense of disgust.

The so-called color fastness refers to the dyeing textile in the physical and chemical action, the color adhere to the firm degree, that is, the dyeing textile color by external influence firm degree called dyeing fastness. After the experiment, the color change of the specimen, the identification level of the white cloth staining degree indicates the color fastness.

Among the various items of color fastness, the most commonly used color fastness is conflict fastness, sweat fastness, wash fastness, light fastness, water immersion fastness, rinse fastness, weather fastness and other items. In actual life, the primary basis of the final use of goods to determine which items to check, among them sweat resistance, dry abrasion resistance, color fastness to water immersion is the basic safety specifications for textiles requested items, all dyed textiles should be checked. In addition, for infants and children's textile products also check the color fastness to saliva.

The identification of the color fastness of elastic rope generally choose visual identification method, that is, the gray sample card as a standard sample, in a certain light and environmental conditions, with the human eye compared to the gray card and the sample, in order to determine the sample of the original sample discoloration and white cloth stained with color grade. Gray card (respectively, discoloration and staining) for the five fastness levels, namely 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. 5 level is the best, 1 level is the worst. In each of the two levels and then make up half level, namely 4 5, 3 4, 2 3, 1 2, so our daily use of gray card for 5 level 9 files, dyeing fastness identification results for one of the nine levels. If a certain color fastness of the hanging tape goods can not reach the standard rules of the grade, then hanging tape goods for failure. 

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