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jacquard elastic tape

Pure tape cotton refers to the general term for blended fabrics of polyester and cotton. The main ingredient is tapen. Its characteristics are that it not only highlights the style of tapen but also has the advantages of cotton fabrics. It has good elasticity and abrasion resistance in dry and wet conditions, stable dimensions, low shrinkage, tall and straight, not easy to wrinkle, easy to wash, and fast. Features of dry land, mainly used in women's clothing, trousers, belts, cotton bags and other products.

Custom design jacquard elastic band, waistband, tape manufacturer and supplier in China, we supply both knitted and woven jacquard elastic band with various material such as nylon, cotton, spandex or Lycra at cheap price, for different application such garment, handbag, shoes, sports, medical usage etc.

The custom design jacquard elastic band has become a valued popular waist band of men’s underwear, sportswear, athletic wear, yoga with all imaginable colors and designs possible.

jacquard elastic tape

Woven Jacquard elastics can be used for waistbands, suspenders, straps, and footwear. Jacquard fabrics are often used in a more specific market like the footwear, intimate apparel, or sporting goods industry. We can customize the elastic according to your brand logo. We used Nylon, Polyester, Spandex to create a comfortable, functional and attractive elastic for you.

Package: 5 Yards Elastic 2 Inch (50 mm) Polyester Jacquard Elastic Band Rubber Band Webbing Pants Waist Binding Tapes for Skirt Bags Belt DIY Sewing Crafts, Elastic Webbing Band DIY Stretch Ribbon For Sewing Shoes/Belt/Clothes

Elastic Band for Belts-Elastic Band for Sewing -Elastic Ribbon for Sewing Craft-Elastic Tape for Clothes-Elastic Band for Craft Sewing Decorative DIY-Elastic Band Pants Waist Elastic Ribbon Bags Trousers Rubber Band DIY Sewing Accessories for Making Headband Clothing Bags Pants shoulder bottom straps for DIY Garment Accessories

For: Garment sewing accessories, For underwear/bra/Jacket's cuff edge DIY sewing DIY headwear, hair tie, headband, DIY bracelet, wristband, and other hair accessories..

Product Type: Elastic Bands for Sewing-Elastic Band for Sewing Underwear-Elastic Band for Sewing Pants-Elastic Band for Crafts-Elastic Band for Skirt-Elastic Band for Clothes-Elastic Band for Waist-Elastic Band for Wrist

Uses: suitable for a variety of fashionable skirt waist, waist belt and so on Suitable for women, waist elastics, baby diapers, etc. Underwear, Down Jacket, Collar, Bra, Headband, sewing, Clothes Pant, Dress, Garment, Craft…

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jacquard elastic tape

Elastic is a stretching fabric that is typically used in the commercial or manufacturing industry. Sold in special order lots of 5000 yards, jacquard elastics can be used for waistbands, suspenders, straps, and footwear. Jacquard fabrics are often used in a more specific market like the footwear, intimate apparel, or sporting goods industry.

Smaller lots are available if we have the material in stock. Elastics are found all around us. Underwear, belts, bra straps, and shell holders in hunting vests all use elastic. It is important to note that woven elastics come in two varieties – fold over and flat. Fold over elastics easily fold when pressure is applied. These are typically used in situations that require comfort, such as underwear waistbands.

Elastics that do not fold-over are sturdier and hold taut when pressure is applied. Elastic can also be used in a woven pattern for furniture, high traffic seating, and automotive rebuilds. Weaving elastic is comprised of thicker width elastic that can be woven to increase strength and tension resistance. Once woven, materials are typically stretched and attached. The result is a high-tension strength material that bends and moves with everyday use. Elastics can be created from cotton, nylon, and polyester. Each material offers pros and cons including overall strength, stretch, and specific use environment.

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