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Printed Elastic

Product parameters

We can customize your logo and design printed elastic for you:

These customized non-slip elastic bands have powerful performance and easy-to-use features.

The application of silicone on narrow elastic bands is an additional value-added service that can be used for clothing with dots, waves, letters, and logo patterns.

Please give us a pattern or logo, we need to create your design, and our professional graphic designers will meet your requirements.

The number of silicone styles, the width and the pattern of elastic bands can be customized according to customer requirements.


more colors printting !

woven quality 

width :32mm

material : 70% polyester 30% spandex 

print any design and colors 

Printed Elastic

Usage scenarios

Can be used for boxer garments, other kinds of pants, underwear, trousers, bras, leggings, shirts, boxers, briefs, sportswear

Printed Elastic

Packing and shipping

Sample is free of charge, LCL or FCL.

400m/polyester bag