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Types of Elastics

Nov. 16, 2021

glitter elastic


Do you know the type of elastics? Read on for more information.


1. According to the weaving method

Plain, twill, satin, and miscellaneous are three major categories. (Plain / small corrugated / twill / security tape / pit / bead / jacquard PP tape can be divided into 900D / 1200D / 1600D according to the thickness of the yarn; at the same time we should pay attention to the thickness of the tape, the thickness also determines its unit price and toughness.)


2. According to material

Nylon/Tedolon/PP polypropylene/acrylic/cotton/polyester/gold and silver onion/spandex/light silk/rayon, etc.

The distinction between nylon and PP webbing: Generally, nylon webbing is woven first and then dyed, so the color of the yarn will be white due to uneven dyeing after cutting. PP webbing is dyed before weaving, so there is no white yarn phenomenon. In contrast, nylon webbing is shiny and soft compared to PP webbing. It can also be distinguished by the chemical reaction of combustion. The general price of nylon webbing is higher than PP webbing. Teflon webbing is softer and less shiny. Acrylic webbing is made of both tetron and cotton. The price of cotton webbing is generally higher.


3. According to nature of use

Garment type elastic, shoe material type elastic, luggage type elastic, security type elastic, another special type elastic, etc.


4. According to the width specification

10MM/12MM/15MM/20MM/25MM/30MM/32MM/38MM/50MM, etc.


5. According to the characteristics of the webbing itself

Elastic webbing and rigid webbing (non-elastic webbing) are two types.


6. According to the characteristics

Elastic belt: hook edge belt/clip silk elastic belt/twill elastic belt/towel elastic belt/Newgate elastic belt/pull frame elastic belt/anti-slip elastic belt/tip jacquard elastic belt

Velvet belt: Velvet belt is made of velvet, with a thin layer of hair inlaid on top of the belt.     

Knitted belt: Due to the special structure, it refers to the horizontal (dimensional) elasticity, mainly used for knitted belts with rolled edges  

Velvet tape: elastic velvet tape, double-sided velvet tape  

Herringbone belt: transparent shoulder belt, yarn belt, thread belt   

Luggage tape: PP tape, nylon edge tape, cotton webbing, rayon webbing, acrylic webbing, jacquard webbing 

Rope: round rubber band rope/needle through, PP, low elastic, acrylic, cotton, hemp rope, etc. 

Various cotton edges, lace laces    

Printed tapes: various patterns tailored on the top of the tapes

Lettering tape: polypropylene material, mentioning letters, bilateral letters, mentioning letters round rope, etc.


7. According to the process

The main two categories are woven and knitted belts.

Woven tape, especially jacquard weaved tape, and cloth label process is somewhat similar, but the cloth label warp yarn is fixed, by the weft yarn to express the pattern; and woven tape basic weft yarn is fixed, by the warp yarn to express the pattern, with a small machine, each time the plate, production through the yarn and adjust the machine may take a long time, and the efficiency is relatively not high. But it is possible to create a wide variety of products with a dazzling array of faces, not always the same as fabric labels. The main function of webbing is decorative, but there are also functional ones. Such as the popular cell phone sling. After the tape is woven, it can also be screen printed with a variety of text/patterns, which is generally cheaper than directly weaving out the text pattern.   

Woven tapes are mainly divided into two categories: shuttleless tapes and shuttle tapes. At present, the market is more common to use shuttle-free ribbons than shuttle ribbons.


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