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How To Loosen The Elastic Band Of The Pants That Are Too Tight

Sep. 10, 2021

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Sometimes, the clothes will not fit because the elastic band is too tight. With some simple adjustments, this problem can be solved. You can expand the elastic band to make your clothes more comfortable to wear or remove the elastic band entirely. And these adjustments can be done without a sewing machine. Now I will tell you how to do it.


Method 1: 

Take out the elastic bands of the pants and expose them to the sun. The rubber latex thread in the elastic band weathered and then broke. Use a wider object to open the elastic band and leave it for a while.


Method 2:

First, pull the elastic band to the maximum, and then put it on the ironing board or a wider wooden board. Then use an electric iron to iron back and forth on the elastic band. After a few minutes of ironing, the elastic will become slightly looser. If the elastic band is still tight after ironing, you can pull the elastic band a few times while it is hot, and then iron it with electric iron for a while. Repeat a few times to loosen the elastic band.


Method 3:

If you don't have an electric iron at home, you can also stretch the elastic band and use a hairdryer to heat the elastic band for a while. Then pull the elastic band hard to make the elastic band lose. If the effect is not obvious, you can repeat the operation several times until the elastic band becomes loose.


Method 4: 

The elastic band is composed of many small rubber bands. If you want the elastic band to loosen quickly, you can cut off a few small rubber bands in the elastic band.


Method 5: 

Turn the trousers upside down to find the inner seam. Open an opening at the suture line. Grasp one side of the elastic band to remove the elastic band. Replace it with a looser elastic band and sew it.


Tip: Actually, the pants' elastic band is too tight, don't worry. Pants with elastic bands will become looser. Because trousers have a certain degree of elasticity, trousers will become loose after wearing for a long time. At this time, consider changing to a new elastic band or buying a new pair of pants.

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