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Uses For Polyester Webbing

Uses For Polyester Webbing

Mar. 12, 2021

Uses For Polyester Webbing

Polyester webbing is a popular choice for webbing in many industries. Polyester is similar to nylon, but is more durable and has greater tensile strength, making polyester webbing ideal for situations that require greater weight-bearing requirements and longer durability. Polyester does not stretch when wet, unlike cotton or nylon webbing. This is another benefit of using polyester webbing outdoors and in humid environments.

The eight uses of polyester webbing:

Equestrianism-typical horse bits, reins, saddles, and tackles are traditionally made of leather straps. However, leather lacks the strength and durability of polyester webbing, and also requires frequent handling and replacement. In most cases, leather will also break accidentally, which makes it an unpopular choice. In all possible polyester webbing is more suitable for equestrian use than that of traditional materials.

Pet-Leashes and collars are the most commonly used materials for polyester webbing. However, other uses include pet harnesses. Considering the number of pets, the pet use ranking of polyester webbing is very high.

Sports Goods-Good polyester webbing for sports is used in many different activities and in different ways. In view of the superior tensile strength, durability, weight, and cost of polyester webbing, webbing is used in various equipment and uniforms, as well as all sports.

Outdoors-The outdoor uses of webbing include the aforementioned ports, but also camping, hiking, backpacking, and more. Since webbing is essential in protecting and transporting different equipment and loads, polyester webbing is used in many outdoor activities, most notably rock climbing.

Handbags-Polyester webbing is used in handbags and fashion to increase the practicality of designer handbags. Usually, polyester webbing is used in combination with other materials to increase the service life of accessories, because polyester webbing has all the advantages.

Luggage-polyester webbing is a favorite suitcase because luggage needs to withstand heavy loads, be durable and reliable. The reduction in weight and the increase in tensile strength are the key factors for the use of polyester webbing in luggage.

Military-military applications of webbing are used throughout the military-industrial complex, including uniforms, equipment, transportation, and security.

Medical-Similar to military use, polyester webbing has multiple uses in the healthcare industry.

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Polyester Webbing

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