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How To Shorten Bands On a Bra Currently Made

Feb. 08, 2021

How To Shorten Bands On a Bra Currently Made
Whether you have a pre-bought bra or have actually made one and you put it on only to find the elastics are too lengthy however everything else is fine, there is a simple method to sort and reduce those elastics. You don't even require the right colour string as you will not see your stitching.
If you have a short upper body including the size develop the top of your bra to your shoulders after that possibilities are you will find that when you have reduced the elastics as far as you can go you still seem like it needs to be made shorter.
If you have a front strap as well as a back strap on a bra, always reduce the back elastic band otherwise the ring from the front band will certainly be too high up on top of your shoulder and dig in.
1. Bring the slider up about 1/2 way on your elastics.
2. Turn your bra over so you see the rear of the elastics.
3. Thread the top part of the elastics up far from the slider so you have a loophole.
4. Cut off the inner part of the elastics where it is threaded with the slider, remove that bit you have actually cut off and afterwards removed another more 5cm (approx) of the strap.
5. Re-thread the band with the slider (the loophole strap will provide you space to do so), you want to rise over the slider bar and also down so that the end piece remains in between the external and internal band.
6. With the strap still up in a loop, sew down completion of the band to the strap (the internal part of the strap. Colour match the string when possible, yet if you do not have the appropriate colour, simply remember you won't see your sewing when you are wearing your bra, as the top of the sewing is hidden by the strap, as well as the underside is beside your body.
7. Trim off any kind of string to neaten.

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